One of my favorite things is being able to walk into my parents house or a close friend’s place and instantly feel at home.  Isn’t it so wonderful to feel comfy, warm, and like you could curl up on their couch and disappear into a sea of goodness?  It’s freeing, a place where you come as you are and you are always welcome.  I would love for you to consider this your virtual home!  Feel free to speak your mind, stay as long as you’d like, and be sure treat others like a close friend-with kindness and compassion.

I’ll be sharing videos and writing articles about nutrition, fitness, and all other things associated with health.  I promise to do my best to make it fun, entertaining, and relevant.  Because, after all,  who has time to read any more… 😉

Soon you will also be able to signup for infrequent (yes, you read that right.) updates that will go directly to your favorite email.  I promise worthy reads worth at least a scan or you can totally unsubscribe-no hard feelings.  I’ll try to keep the spammie-ness to the spammers…you know who you are…

Thanks so much for checking out my space!  I am so happy to have you here.

Be well,



P.S.  As I was writing the title of this post, I knew it seemed familiar and very song like so I had to Google it.  Nirvana!!  I even grew up with this song (I have very hip parents) but I guess it’s been forever since I’ve heard it.  There are probably lots of interpretations of Kurt Cobain’s song but I’d like to think he meant the same thing I do–come as you are…with your past, present, and where you hope to be in the future.  There is a place for you here.

Have a great week!