Hiking I’m officially at the age where I forget how old I am. I never believed others when they said they couldn’t remember their age. What?! Now, however, I get it. Life gets busy who has time to keep track of the years.

With age comes wisdom and personally my thirties are proving to be my favorite years. We spend much of our time at work, balancing home life and maybe even starting (or growing) families. Perhaps it’s a bit stressful but it’s a time of growth and using your experience and knowledge to propel life forward. Long-term health climbs the list of importance, too. It’s around this time you may start noticing some slight changes in your body; notable aches, pains, slow recovery, and challenges with weight loss or muscle gains. All normal. While we are busy getting wiser, our bodies are busy showing signs of 30 plus years of wear and tear.

Here are a few of my thoughts on wisely staying healthy in your thirties.

When it comes to exercise, prioritize activities you enjoy.

In the chaotic balance we call life, time for yourself, while so important, tends to drop on the to do list. Strive to move more anyway because daily activity helps our muscles and joints stay limber and pain free. Also, you are always better equipped to care for others when you make time for yourself. So, ask yourself, if all activities were equal in the amount of calories burned and time spent doing it, what activity would you choose? What makes your heart sing? Do that more often and it will keep you happily active over time. Forcing yourself to do something you hate (i.e: running on a treadmill. just an example, I realize some people like this.) will ensure that you eventually get annoyed enough to stop doing it. Do the things you love more often.

Spending time with your family is important, too. So if you feel family time gets in the way of daily activity why not include others in the fun. Dance party here you come!

Short and sweet is better than nothing.

Sometimes 5 or 10 minutes is all you can squeeze in and hey, that’s okay. Spending 1.5 hours at the gym sweating your ass off is perhaps not realistic. Besides, longer time doesn’t always mean better results but that’s a post for another day. Look for opportunities to get a little more in at work, at home, and everywhere in between. Oh, and if you are worried about your fitness tracker not counting what you did…let it go. Live on the wild side and break movement barriers. If you move and Mr. Fitbit didn’t catch it, I promise it still counts.

Check in on your eating habits.

Busy lives means busy eating. As we age, we need to be a bit more mindful then just a frozen burrito and cookie for dinner…not that I’ve ever done that. 🙂 At each meal or mini meal (formally known as a snack), ask yourself:

Where’s my protein?

Have I included colorful fruits and vegetables?

Healthy fats?

What are my smart carbs choices?

These questions are a great start and will help you keep a balanced plate.

Relax and Recover.

I’m all for a kick ass workout, class, or hike but what’s equally important is allowing time to recover. If you run your body down and have a tough workout every time you move it’s harder and harder for our bodies to recover fully, adding to our aging aches and pains. Try adding an active recovery movement like yoga, stretching, walking, foam rolling or relax in an Epsom salt bath. If your gym has an awesome sauna or steam room, use it. Not only does it feel good to do these things but your body will thank you.

Stay wise, sister (and brother).