In 2015, I was given the opportunity to intern for Precision Nutrition and it truly felt like a golden ticket to see the most successful nutrition coaching program work it’s magic. As an intern, I had the chance to go through the program as a client, while this excited me, I didn’t realize how much this experience would impact my life.

As a long time trainer and educated coach, I have to admit I was a bit smug when I first started the coaching program. I don’t know EVERYTHING about food but I felt like I knew much more than the basics and practiced regular healthy habits.

This program did much more than help me look and feel better with healthy eating habits, it changed my world.

As many of you know, in 2011 I was assaulted which was without a doubt the darkest period of my life. For years the sadness and despair were killing me and four years later I was still dealing with tough emotions, lack of confidence and a sense of feeling stuck. Although I continued to coach and work with clients, there were so many moments where my shattered confidence was showing up. Basically, I was living small and it impacted every part of my life.

Stress impacted my eating habits. Sometimes I would barely eat anything when I felt overwhelmed and other times I would find comfort in sweets like brownies and cookies.

It wasn’t happening all the time to me but enough to make me feel guilty. I would feel bad and try to make up for it later by having only healthy items. I was living unbalanced.

The nutrition coaching program with Precision Nutrition helped me realize I was still healing and it helped me build confidence and form a tighter, more secure bond within myself, one step at a time. How did a nutrition coaching program do that?

Each day I would show up read or listen to my (10-15 minute) lesson, practice my daily habit for that week, check it off and go about my day. These simple habits stuck with me and started to appear in other parts of your life. While I was practicing eating more slowly that practice helped me slow down in other areas. Learning to balance more of my meals and snacks with lean proteins, smart carbs, healthy fats and vegetables had the extra benefit of regulating my energy and helping me avoid the stress cravings for sweets more often.

Have you ever eaten to stuff down the pain, sorrow, anger, or sadness you’re feeling?

The program offers a lot of self reflection, digging deep and exploring our patterns of eating.The coaching program gave me an opportunity shed some light on my own eating habits and become more aware of how I was treating my body day after day. It gave me confidence by giving me the chance to focus on one healthy change at a time. I didn’t have to overhaul, start some crazy detox or diet. I didn’t feel like I had to “start over”, all I had to do was keep showing up.

This program taught me, a nutrition and fitness coach, how to do a little bit more and be a little bit better. It taught me to slow down and not be so rigid. It taught me patience and gave me a sense of calm, knowing daily, I was accomplishing something and caring for myself.

The best part was having a coach. Someone that was there for me along this journey of discovery, providing insights and support. Once when complaining that my life was, “so busy and I was so stressed”, my coach asked, “Has there ever been a time when things weren’t busy and things are calm?” I laughed out loud. Nope, not exactly. Just that simple question and some further discussion helped me release some of the “I’m too busy” behaviors and realize I didn’t have to be perfect to live healthfully.

Lots of things affect our eating habits and let’s be honest, our lives and our bodies are more complex than calories in and calories out. So what’s on the other side of a year long coaching nutrition program?

Food freedom.

Learning to take care of yourself.


WITH a dash of feeling and looking better!

The good news is that I can now offer this program to you! If you are sick of dieting and starting over, let’s talk. My next coaching group starts May 8th and I want you to take part in this life changing program.

Free 30 minute consults now through May 6th!