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Fitness & Nutrition coaching to thrive.

Fitness Coaching

The benefits of regular exercise are plentiful and you probably know all the reasons to move more. As a fitness coach, I want to focus on helping you create a fitness plan that fits your life and your style. How do you like to move?

My sessions are individualized for you with components of strength, endurance, and flexibility to help you meet your goals.

Contact me and let’s chat. We will start with a consultation and build your perfect program.


$55 — 45 minute session

In home or gym training available. Please contact me for scheduling.


Online Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

ProCoach: $149 a month

I am pleased to announce that I am offering a new coaching program to help you reach your goals.

Are you looking to:

eat better
look better
feel better
improve your health
lose body fat
experience body recomposition?

Then this program is for you. Learn how to eat well and live better through the ProCoach program and guidance from me. This is the best approach to sustainable success without having to adhere to strict diets or meal plans. In my experience, restrictive eating often leads to bad feelings and isn’t useful long term. So why not try a different approach to improving your health?

What’s included?

Access to ProCoach online software includes:

  • Comprehensive intake
  • Daily emails and habits
  • Daily lessons (to listen to or read) based on the daily habit.
  • The ability to track progress
  • Regular support via email and video or phone chats, when needed.

This program is designed to last 1 year (at $149 a month) and I highly recommend you commit yourself to the full year to gain the most benefit.

What is ProCoach?

ProCoach is an online software program developed by Precision Nutrition– the leaders in nutrition coaching. I’ve had the pleasure of spending the last year working with PN, learning about their program and how they coach. I’ve even had the opportunity to go through the ProCoach program as a client and I can tell you first hand, there is nothing else like it.

ProCoach and Fitness Plan $179

This plan includes everything above and is designed for those who would like a little more guidance with fitness. We will work together to develop a progressive fitness plan to fit your movement needs.

Want to know more? Just ask. I am here to help you decide if coaching with me through ProCoach would be the best fit for you.

**Please note: This particular program is not designed for those who are bodybuilders, figure competitors or those with competitive sport-specific nutrition needs. If you do fall into this category, contact me and we can talk about a more specific plan.

Nutrition Coaching

30 Minute consult: $25

Discuss what you want to accomplish with your nutrition/eating habits and address how a coach might be able to help.
(Cost can be applied to initial visit for comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle coaching or 12 month lifestyle coaching program.)

Comprehensive consult: $75

Filled out comprehensive intake with 3 day food log. Discuss goals and develop an action plan with your coach.

Bi-weekly or monthly follow up sessions: $50 per session

What clients are saying about coaching with Jessica...

Jen Cooper MPT, Pn1, Pn2

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jessica for over a year in a variety of capacities.Jessica has an uncanny ability to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds, build a solid rapport quickly and maintain those relationships long-term.With a strong background in nutrition and exercise she is able to challenge and guide those she works with to reach their ultimate potential – while always keeping in mind the importance of a well-balanced lifestyle.

She is part problem solver extraordinaire, friend, and cheerleader, and can dish out some tough love when it’s in the best interest of those she’s working with.For anyone looking to work with a smart, compassionate and dedicated coach to take things to the next level, I highly recommend working with Jessica!”


-Coach and Intern Coordinator at Precision Nutrition

Heather F.

“Jessica was my personal fitness trainer for 18 months and was my instructor in a class focused on improving running skills. Jessica demonstrated a strong dedication to fitness and support for my fitness health. She provided non-judgmental and solid guidance and kept me focused on my fitness goals. Jessica made my first experience with a personal trainer one of the best I could have had. So much so that her guidance helped me to change my entire lifestyle and look at fitness and health as a requirement to a better quality life. I lost 45 lbs and reduced my cholesterol to manageable non-medicated levels. Every session Jessica had crafted a complex workout with the right amount of increased challenges. Her teachings from the EZ8 running class, I use to this day when I run. Using these skills has given me the ability to put mind before matter and build my endurance.”


Melanie H.

“At age 57, and having never worked with a trainer before, I started working with Jessica and it has changed my life.  Twice a week sessions have pushed me to a level of fitness and decreased body fat that I wouldn’t have imagined I could achieve at this age.  Jessica is low-key but focused, and always strives to craft a workout that works for me.  She keeps it interesting and pushes me just enough to keep me on the track with steady improvement.  She listens to my needs and concerns and knows what she is talking about.  We laugh a lot and work hard.  A perfect combination.”

Marisa C.

“I have been corresponding with Jessica over email and by text message as she helps me get in shape for my wedding day.  She listens to my feedback about the workouts that she gives me and makes modifications so that I am always engaged and challenged by my workouts.  She has a gentle but persistent way of keeping me on track and is completely understanding when life gets in the way of meeting my goals! She is encouraging and completely accessible.  You won’t find the big ego that so many people in the fitness industry have.  She is passionate about improving the health of others and that is always her first priority.  Jessica is always upbeat and her knowledge about physical fitness and nutrition is vast.  I have noticed that she keeps up on current studies and theories about health and nutrition, so her advice isn’t the same stale advice offered by so many others.  I am feeling terrific since I started training with Jessica.  I see noticeable results and, most importantly, I am actually excited about working out because I finally have found a regimen that is tailored to me and that I really enjoy.  In a society that overly relies on quick fixes and pills, it is nice to meet someone who believes and demonstrates that true health is achievable for most through diet and exercise.

Virtual Client located in Washington, D.C. 

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